Random Conversations…Libertarianism..Religion…etc..!!

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What follows is a brief exchange of ideas between two friends….

U : ..Aur itna jhooth kyoon..Very liberterian ..Hahahaha….Wah wah…!!
N : my dear sir its political view….not the view towards ppl ike u 😉

U: Yeah but i think its a flawed philosophy/view…It promotes too much personal freedom which would encourage unhealthy and perverted behavior hence undermining the whole concept of collective faith & religion ..It would lead to disagreements and eventually a war like situation..
..Such a situation would compound the present world situation..Are we ready to handle that???

N: what kind of freedom is too much or too less?Freedom is freedom there is nothing less or more about it?Religion is personal..the collective religion and faith breeds insenstivity and creates facsimile of values ant thoughts and inhibits evolution of new ideas and thinking.The copies of same genetic codes can breed only sheeps not individuals.

U: Baat toh sahi hai..but your arguments are valid only in ideal world..but we dont live in one …freedom that we can have is so restricted..which i guess was done to give somekinda direction to human life..Isn’t religion all about blocking certain views and ideas so that we don’t chart the unknown…?? It never opened our minds…it jus blocked some more..
..freedom is all about self-determination and autonomy…but do we have any such freedom.??..not just political..i mean at any stage of our lives..take ur own case..we can never be free..only animals are free..we are all slaves of the society..religion..we’ve becum somekinda copy..of a copy ..of a copy…the real me…you.. is lost…somewhere…!

N: Thought provoking….i feel the same way..but some how in the end i believe that freedom is about making the choices..as long as I am incharge of making my own choices i think i am free….of course ppl around us influence those choices some put the undue influence…but the human behavior and instinct is to be free..and when we make choices considering ppl around us …some advocates of freedom call it compromise but I call it wisdom and true essence of freedom…After all i am contended that I make my choice….as far as religion is concerned..i have felt we have always used religion as tool to hide our own disabilities and flawed approach towards life….we commit henious crimes in the name of religion….I feel if the feligion is private not public it can give an individual tremendous boost in morale and guide those who are vulnerable and are alienated by the so called haves not…religion for rich ios nothing but dancing and socializing in bright clothes….its the other part of the world who draws its courage from religion…in the end its the war of the mindset of the rich and poor ,it has been such since the advent of the civil society…rich ignites passions,then when poor fights and kills each other..rich says its the religion that did that…our approach towards life has become so pathetic that it can put beasts to shame


SRK and me…

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Don’t go by the Title..SRK and i have nothing in common..

…By the way does it ever pain you to think that the future of our country lies in the hands of people that think that Chak de is an awesome film… and people that think that Shah Rukh Khan can actually act… !!!!???? Call me crazy but according to me anyone that is under this illusion deserves to be locked away in a looony bin and forced to watch all of his annoying movies until they get so pissed off with his annoying laugh that they eventually pull all their hair out and scratch at themselves till they eventually bleed to death….

..Having said that,i have a confession to make..I have watched almost all SRK movies..barring the really really bad ones.. Chak de i have seen around four-five times now..Its on my comp..don’t have much to do nowadays..I’ve done all that MBA and shit..but i don’t do much..so i end up watching movies..read books too but watching movies and surfing the net is my fav passtime..

…dunno why am even writing this…jus wanted to write something..There was a time when i loved to write..used to keep a diary..During my B.E. days…burnt that after the course was over…had written some good shit then..now i can barely write..I’m jus bored and pissed.. may b someday it will all comeback…till then..

New Beginning

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Hi,this is gonna be my second blog. My previous one at blogger was hacked..!!

..Jus wanted to try wordpress..Hope i’ll have lotz of fun..